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Working With Unscheduled Draft Content

Unscheduled drafts do not appear on your calendar because they have no date associated with them. Many WordPress bloggers use unscheduled drafts as a place to store ideas and research for possible posts. At some point, these posts will need to find a place on the calendar with the same easy drag-and-drop that scheduled posts have.

Unscheduled drafts are found on the right side of the screen.

The unscheduled drafts area is a narrow bar at the right side of your calendar. Here you will find all of your Standalone Content, WordPress, and Evernote drafts.


Click on the content type to access your unscheduled drafts.

To access your unscheduled drafts, click the ContentWordPress, or Evernote buttons in the side drafts menu. 

Unscheduled drafts can be searched and filtered.

A search bar allows you to search your unscheduled draft titles. The search bar does not search actual post content, only titles, but it will search every unscheduled draft post you have in ContentWordPress, or Evernote. It begins the immediate search as you type.

In addition, you can filter the posts by the author or their post status. If you only want to see pending review posts, for example, you can use the dropdown menu to do so. You can then use the search feature within that filtered range if you would like.

The filter and search settings you use will remain, even if you leave the calendar. You can reset it when you next return to the unscheduled draft area. 

You can edit your unscheduled drafts as you would a scheduled post.

Clicking on an unscheduled draft will open the edit dialog box. It is very similar to the edit box from a scheduled post on the calendar, except that you have the option to add the post to the calendar by manually setting the date and time if you want.

Drag unscheduled drafts onto your calendar to schedule them.

If you do not wish to manually schedule a draft post with the edit dialog box, you can simply drag the post from the drafts fly out onto the calendar. As soon as you click on the post in the unscheduled drafts area, the flyout will disappear and you will have easy access to your calendar.

You can unschedule a scheduled post by dragging it into the right Move to Drafts menu area.

If you would like to remove the scheduling from a post and take it off the calendar to save for later, simply drag it from the calendar. As you do, a gutter will appear on the right side of the screen that says Move To Drafts.

Drop the post into the Move To Drafts area, and it will now be part of the unscheduled drafts. In WordPress, the date and time will be removed as well, and it will be a true unscheduled draft.

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