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Working With Unscheduled Draft Content

Unscheduled drafts do not appear on your calendar because they have no date associated with them. Use unscheduled drafts to house ideas or future projects.

Where to Access Unscheduled Drafts

To access your unscheduled drafts, click the ContentWordPress, or Evernote buttons in the side drafts menu.

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Filter and Search Unscheduled Drafts

A search bar allows you to search your unscheduled draft titles. In addition, you can filter the content by the author or post status. 

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Edit Unscheduled Drafts

Clicking any content to open. The content will look very similar to the edit box from a scheduled post on the calendar, except that you have the option to add the post to the calendar by manually setting the date and time if you want.


If you do not wish to manually schedule content, drag-and-drop the content onto the calendar. 

If you would like to remove the scheduling from a post and take it off the calendar to save for later, simply drag it from the calendar. As you do, a gutter will open on the right side of the screen that says Move To Drafts. In WordPress, the date and time will be removed as well, and it will be a true unscheduled draft.

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