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Supercharge your Google Analytics Integration by using CoSchedule Custom Dashboard

When you have Google Analytics enabled on your CoSchedule account, you have powerful information at your fingertips that allows you to see where your traffic is coming from, which campaigns are successful and which aren't. Measure and understand how your effort translates into results.

  • Track who is clicking on your links published on social media.
  • Know which social platform and/or accounts are giving you the best click-throughs.
  • Learn how to optimize your social sharing by figuring out what works best for your own audience.

So you have our Google Analytics integration hooked up, collecting information, but aren’t sure how to actually interpret that info? Check out this awesome solution.

Go to the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery and search for CoSchedule. This will show you all of the CoSchedule-specific dashboards. Some created by us, and some created by CoSchedule users.

Click Import and choose which Google Analytics account you would like them added to.

Suddenly you have a view of your audience that you’ve never had before!
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