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Teams FAQ

CoSchedule makes it easy to work with teams on many different blog calendars.

I want to invite a team member to CoSchedule.

1. Invite this team member by email.

2. They accept your invitation, and they sign up for their own CoSchedule account.

3. You see that they have accepted the invitation, because the next time you hop into CoSchedule, you can see they are no longer "Pending" in the Settings > Team area. Now they can see the blog calendar that you invited them to. You are still the owner, though. 

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Who will have access to my CoSchedule calendar?

Team members can only see the calendars they have been given permission to join.

The CoSchedule calendar in WordPress is in an iframe. This is why you see your entire CoSchedule account. It is not based on which WordPress account you are logged into, but which CoSchedule account you are logged into. Your other WordPress team members will be seeing their CoSchedule accounts when they log in to WordPress.

The general rule of thumb is this: CoSchedule team members cannot see any CoSchedule blog calendar that they have not been invited to.

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Who can request access to my CoSchedule calendar?

Team members who try to get to the CoSchedule calendar inside of their WordPress account who have not been given access to CoSchedule yet can request access there. Or, if a team member tries to install/connect CoSchedule to a WordPress blog that was connected by someone else previously, they will also have the same opportunity.

If you have users/team members in your WordPress that haven't been given access to your calendar yet, they may be requesting to have access. If you'd like to invite these team members, you can do that. We tell you about that here.

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Will a client see the other calendars attached to my CoSchedule account?

No. You can have personal calendars, work calendars, and client calendars in your CoSchedule account. Team members on one calendar can't see anything they aren't invited to, so they will not see your other calendars. Think of CoSchedule not as blog-specific, but as an app that serves as an umbrella. Put all of your blogs "under" it, have one login for managing them, but rest assured that each blog is still separate in its own space.

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Will a client need their own CoSchedule account, or do they use their WordPress login?

Your client will need a CoSchedule account. Their WordPress login will not give them access to the CoSchedule calendar. Invite them to the blog, and once they are logged in, they can then see their (and only theirs) blog calendar in WordPress.

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