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Save Time With Social Scheduling Templates

Do you have a certain schedule that you like to stick to when you're planning your social media for a blog post? With social templates, you can save that schedule and quickly add it to promote your blog posts in just a couple clicks!


Getting Started

To get started on making your first Social Template, Add a Social Campaign then click the Social Templates button. 

When the menu opens, click + New Template. Then click Create New.

Add a title to your social template, then click Next. The "Social Template" editor will open.

  1. Title: This will be the name of your Social Template that you are currently editing. 
  2. Social Campaign: This is where you'll build the Social Campaign that will be added to your Social Template.
  3. Social HelpersWant to add Social Helpers to your Social Template? Click New Helper to add a new Custom Image, Text, or Video helper.
  4. Delete: Are you wanting to delete a Social Template? Click the Delete button and your Social Template will be gone forever.

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Building Your Template

Once you have the name for your social template, start adding your social messages. When you are finished editing your template, click Close.

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Applying Your Template

Now it's time to apply your Social Template to the content post you would like to promote. Go to the Templates menu. Inside the menu, you'll see all of the templates that you have created. Hover over the social template you want to apply and click Apply.


You will start to see your posts populate the social campaign. To edit any of the social messages that are being added to your Social Campaign, click the social message.


You can choose when you want the messages in your Social Template to begin sending out in the Relative to drop-down, then click Apply to add the Social Template to your Social Campaign.

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Save Existing Queue as Template

Save any exciting social campaign to a social template. Inside the social template pane. Click New Template > Save Queue

CoSchedule will save all social helpers added and social messages sent and scheduled in the campaign. You can then apply that new social template to future or existing content.

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