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Using Google+ With CoSchedule

CoSchedule allows you to connect and post to your Google+ Page through Buffer.

How To Connect To Google+ Through Buffer

Connecting your Google+ Page with CoSchedule is a little different than connecting CoSchedule to your other Social Profiles because you have to connect through Buffer. For more information on connecting to Google+ through CoSchedule, check out our document on Connecting to Google+ Through Buffer.

Once you have finished adding your Google+ account, you will see them added to your Social Profiles list of accounts. You can delete your Google+ accounts here, too.

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Creating And Posting Social Messages to Google+

Creating a message for Google+ is much the same as creating messages for the other social networks. Because Google+ Pages are only able to schedule through Buffer, messages that are not published as "Right Now" will be handled by how your Buffer account's posting schedule is configured. To learn more about Buffer's posting schedule, check out their great documentation on Configuring Your Buffer Posting Schedule.

Including A Permalink In Copy Of Messages

We will always include a link in a Google+ message if it is associated with a blog post. You can control where the URL appears in your message by adjusting the {permalink} when you create your message. Be sure to leave a space on each side of the permalink.

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