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Using Pinterest With CoSchedule

CoSchedule allows you to connect and post Pins to your Pinterest Boards.

How to Connect to Pinterest

To connect, go to the Settings > Social Profiles page as you would any other social network. You may connect as many Pinterest accounts as you would like; you will just need to log in one at a time each time you authenticate them with CoSchedule.

Once you have finished adding your Pinterest account, you will see it added to your Social Profiles list.

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Creating and Posting Content to Pinterest

Creating a message for Pinterest is much the same as creating messages for the other social networks. 

Choose your Pinterest account from the drop-down list then choose which Pinterest board you would like to post to and create your social message as needed.

Including A Permalink In Copy Of Messages

If you prefer to have the actual URL in the body of the message you send, leave the {permalink} when you create your message. If you do not want the URL visible, remove {permalink}. Your post will still contain the link, but you will not see it in the text.

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Publish to Multiple Boards at the Same Time

Want to post multiple boards at once? It's super easy with CoSchedule. Click on the Pinterest account with the multiple boards you would like to post to.

When you click the account you'd like to post to, all of your boards will show up in the drop-down. Click all of the boards you would like to publish to and begin to create your Pinterest Pin!

Not seeing your Secret Boards? At the moment, CoSchedule is unable to post to Pinterest's Secret Boards, but we hope to change this in the future!

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Why Is My Link Shortener Not Working?

Pinterest does not allow posting of any shortened links. For more information, check here.

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