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Filtering Your CoSchedule Calendar

Do you ever feel like you look at your calendar and get overwhelmed by all of the Blog Posts, Standalone Content, and Social Media posts? Filter any specific content using CoSchedule's filtering.

To begin, click the Calendar Filter icon near the top-left corner of your calendar.


The filter menu will open. Here you will see all of your different filtering options pertaining to your calendar. You can filter out a whole category by clicking the category name or choose to filter by each specific option. We recommend filtering from top to bottom.


1. Filter by Color Label: Filter by each color label or choose to filter multiple color labels.

2. Filter by Type: Here you will be able to filter any type of content on your calendar. Filter by all added Content Types, Tasks, Notes, Events, and Social Messages.

3. Filter by Editor: Filter out your content by the type of content Editor that is added to your Content. You can filter by Editor Unassigned, Text Editor, File, Google Docs, or Evernote Editor.

4. Filter by TagsFilter all Content by the Tags. Choose multiple Tag filters to narrow down your content.

4. Filter by Team Member: Filter all calendar content by choosing which Team Members' calendar content should be viewed.

5. Filter by Status: Filter all calendar content by its Status. Choose between Draft, Pending Review, Scheduled, and Published.

6. Filter by Social Profile: Filter your calendar to show social messages from specific Social Profiles. If you're wanting to see only social messages on your calendar, filter by type and choose Social Messages.

7. Filter by WordPress: Filter all WordPress posts by Site, Category, Author, and Post Type.

8. Filter by Calendar Display Settings: Each Calendar has specific Calendar Display Settings. With Filter by Calendar Display Settings, you can view certain calendar display settings for the current session without changing the display settings for all other calendar users.

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