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Use Color Labels to Organize Your Calendar

Looking at your calendar can seem overwhelming. Between all of your Content, Notes, and Events going on in your life, it gets difficult to track everything. With CoSchedule's Color Labels, you can label each of the campaigns that you're working on in your calendar and filter accordingly.

Create and Manage Color Labels

To create custom color labels and manage the labels on a calendar, go to the bottom of Settings > Calendar Settings. You will be able to add a name, reorder, edit, or delete a label. You can also add new Custom Labels at the bottom of the list.


Add or Change Color Labels for Content on Calendar

To add or change a color label for your content, open the content. At the top, click on Label and choose the color label you want to add to the content. All social messages and tasks connected to the Content will share the same color label.


For standalone social messages, Events, Notes, and Tasks, the label picker will be on the bottom of the window.


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