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View Security and Access Logs Inside CoSchedule

Use Security and Access logs to track all changes inside of CoSchedule. 

Note: Security and Access Logs are only available on select plans.

To view all changes, go to Settings > Access Logs


Your calendar's Access Logs page will open. Here, you will be able to access all actions that have occurred on your calendar.


1. Filter Settings: Filter Security and Access Logs by Date. You can also filter by Ascending or Descending.

2. Date: This will show the date and time of when the action took place.

3. Post ID: The Post ID that the action has occurred on. Clicking the Post ID number will filter to other actions that have occurred on the same Post ID number.

4. User: This will show the user who performed the action. 

5. Object: The Object is what type of action was performed. 

6. Object ID: The Object ID is the number that is associated with the Object. Clicking the Object ID number will filter to other actions that have occurred with the same Object ID number

7. Action: This will be what action took place. The three options are Delete, Create, or Update.

8. Details: If you click View Details next to an action, you will be able to see all the details of that post. When you're done viewing the details, click Hide Details.

To view the Security and Access Logs for a specific WordPress Blog or Standalone Content Post, go to the post. At the bottom, click View Logs and the Security and Access Logs will open for that specific post.

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