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Automate Your Social Promotion Using ReQueue


Schedule easier and smarter with ReQueue. Create your messages once, add them to ReQueue, and let CoSchedule intelligently send them out at the best possible traffic times for all your social networks. 

Create A ReQueue Group

To create your first ReQueue group, go to the ReQueue page. Click New Group and add a title for your group in the Group Name field. You may set custom start/end dates and send limits to have more control over your Group. To start a custom timeframe, click Add custom dates. To set send limits, click Add group sending limits.

To remove a Start/End date or sending limit, click .

You may also Delete this group, set the group as Active or Paused, or Make this group my Default. When you set your group as Default, the Group will show up at the top of every ReQueue list and will not be deletable. Only one group may be set as "Default" at a time. When you are finished setting the group up, click Save. To edit any group, hover over and click the Pencil icon.

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Add Social Messages To A Group

To add social messages into your ReQueue Group, click Add Message.

Choose the Social Profile you'd like to schedule the message for, enter your content, and assign what Group you would like your social message to be apart of. You can also set the social message to Active or Paused. When you're finished with the Social Message, click Add Message.


You can also toggle ReQueue on when creating social messages on your calendar.

To add a published social message to a ReQueue group, click the ReQueue toggle on and choose a ReQueue group.


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Manage The Messages In A Group

When managing your ReQueue Group, you will see a few different options.


1. Filter Settings - Filter your Group's social messages by social message status or social profile.

2. Publish Number - CoSchedule will show you how many times this specific Group has published your social message.

3. To edit, change the status, or delete your Social Messages for this group simply click into the message you want to change.

You will also see all of your Skipped and Paused messages at the bottom of your Group.

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What Do ReQueue Messages Look On My Calendar?

ReQueue messages will show up on your calendar with a green shade. You will only see social messages scheduled for the current week and the following week. All ReQueue scheduled and published messages will also have the ReQueue icon next the time spent. ReQueue messages will shuffle when scheduling Best Time scheduled messages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many messages will send?
Messages sent is determined by your ReQueue settings, available gaps on your calendar and available messages in your ReQueue groups. CoSchedule determines the best message to send and you will be able to see it on your calendar when it is scheduled. 
Are there limits to the messages that can be sent?
All four message types can be sent (Text, Image, Video, and Link). CoSchedule will send a message a maximum of twice a month. We can send ReQueue messages to all of the networks we support.
Are there group limits?
There is not a limit to the number of messages you can put into a group. With your group settings, you can manually limit the number messages CoSchedule will send from that group per week. 

Can I turn on ReQueue for messages that haven’t been sent?
Yes, ReQueue can be turned on when your message is scheduled and added to your calendar. After that message is published, it will be added to the ReQueue group you specified and will start sending automatically based on group and ReQueue settings.
Can I choose the exact date and time for my messages to go out? Example: send the same message at noon every Monday?
ReQueue works by intelligently filling in the gaps on your calendar. You can control Group settings and even set limits at the social profile level. You can also limit the time ranges for ReQueued messages to be sent out. Scheduling exact time and date control of messages are not available. 
What if I don’t want a message to send at the time CoSchedule has scheduled?
You can click on a ReQueue message on your calendar and choose to skip for 2 weeks. You can also completely pause that message and it will remain paused until you mark it active again in your ReQueue group.
Where can I see which messages will be sent? 
Messages scheduled by ReQueue will show up on your calendar for this week and next week. You can view them alongside all of your other messages, tasks, content, blog posts and social campaigns. 
Failed messages - what do they look like, what happens if they fail?
Failed messages look like normal messages on the calendar. If the same message fails 3 times, it will automatically be paused inside the ReQueue group.

Can I use social helpers with ReQueue?

Once a message is turned on as a ReQueue message that ReQueue message becomes a copy, so images, video and text content is static and helpers will no longer be available for that message.
Are social stats available for ReQueue messages?
Yes, each message that is sent by ReQueue will have social analytics, just like manually scheduled messages. 
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