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Using Social Campaigns to Simplify Your Social Promotion

Promotion is crucial to the success of your event or contest. And with so many folks involved, emails going back and forth, and social messages all over the calendar, keeping track of everything is no easy task.

With Social Campaigns, you can keep everything organized in one place, schedule dozens of social messages in seconds, and even built-in approval based workflows so your team can collaborate and stay on track throughout the entire campaign! To turn on the Social Campaigns content type, go to your Settings > Calendar Settings page.

Create a Social Campaign

To begin, click the + icon on the date that you want to your Social Campaign to start on. When the "Create New" window opens, click the Social Campaign button.

The "Social Campaign" window will open. Here, you will choose a Title for your Social Campaign. You can change the title at any time. Once you have typed in a title, click Create Campaign.

After you have added your Title, the "Social Campaign" window will open. Here you can change the Status of your post to either "Draft", "Pending Review", or "Scheduled."

In order for messages to be published, you will need to have your campaign be in the "Scheduled" status so it can be "Published." This area will also let you choose the Date and Time for when you want your Social Campaign to be Published.

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Working with Social Helpers

Social Helpers and Social Campaigns work together great. Social Helpers will help you create quick tags to add content faster. They will also let you add a link to the campaign to promote, and also add a gallery of images to publish for your specific campaign. To begin, click on the Permalink social helper button in your "Social Campaign." then add the URL to your published blog post in the Permalink box. CoSchedule will grab an excerpt from your URL and all the images. 

Here you can also add Custom Text Helpers to add some quick tags for your campaign or you can add Custom Image Helpers to use in your Social Campaign, so you don't have upload the image every time. To learn more about CoSchedule's Social Helpers, check out here.

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Scheduling Messages For Your Campaign 

Now start scheduling your social media posts to promote your specific campaign. CoSchedule will automatically pull images from your Permalink social helper and add the image to accompany your social post when it is scheduled.

For more information on creating social messages, check out this article on Creating Social Posts.

Want to schedule messages for your Social Campaign even faster? Use CoSchedule's Social Templates to promote your Campaign with a couple of clicks of a button.

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