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Monitor Your Top Shared Content Using The Top Content Report

The Top Content Report will track all of your calendar's WordPress Blog Posts, Social Campaigns, and Standalone Content (but not Standalone Social Messages) and measure the performance by ranking the top 100 posts based on how many times they have been shared across social media. To view your Top Content Report, go to Reports > Top Content.


The Top Content Report offers multiple filtering options. You can filter your calendar's Top Content Report by types of Content (All Content, WordPress, Standalone Content, or Social Campaigns) and specific timeframes (Past 24 Hours, Past 7 Days, Past 30 Days, Past Year, and All Time.)


One of the most valuable tools about the Top Content Report is that you're able to see what Content is performing the best with your audience and quickly schedule that content on your calendar. To schedule social messages for your top content on your calendar, click the Share button next to the content that you would like to share. The "New Social Message" window will open with the chosen blog's {Permalink} added to the Social Message. You can then create and schedule your social message for this specific blog post.

Read more about CoSchedule's Social Share Analytics here.

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