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Social Engagement Report

Know the success of social messages scheduled through CoSchedule with the Social Engagement report. 

Social Engagement Reports are now available in more plans than ever. Learn more here.

To view your Social Engagement Report, go to Analytics > Social Engagement Report

To begin, choose the filters that you want to apply to your report. You may filter by Social Profiles, Content Types, Tags, and Color Labels. After you choose the filters, select the date range. To save your report template, click Save Report.


Engagement Rollup

In this section, view the average engagement, total engagement, messages sent, and top message type for your report.


Engagement Growth

Review the number of social messages you publish along with the number of engagement over the course of your report.


Engagement Rate Roadmap

The Engagement Rate Roadmap will identify peeks and valleys across engagement rate trend lines for each social network.


Engagement Timeline

The Engagement Timelines will allow you to review the number of likes, comments, and shares on supported networks related to the number of messages sent during the selected date range. 


Engagement by Interaction

Get a breakdown of social engagements (likes, comments, shares) for each social network plus insight into your top performing social channel.


Profile Performance

Get an engagement breakdown for every social profile used in your report.


Top Messages

View the social messages with the most engagement over the duration of your report.


Note: Export and share any report with your team or client.

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