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ReQueue Settings

Inside your ReQueue Settings is where you will set up the times and frequency that you want CoSchedule to automatically ReQueue your messages.

Learn more about ReQueue here.

Setting Up ReQueue Settings

To turn on ReQueue, click the ReQueue toggle. Once ReQueue has been turned on CoSchedule will automatically start scheduling your social messages inside of ReQueue groups for the time slots that you have chosen.

Sending Frequency

To choose your time slots, click the time slot until it is green. These time slots will coordinate with the timezone that your calendar is currently in.

Message Sending Limits

Avoid sending the same message too often. Message sending limits allow your audience to see a variety of message contents and types. Choose how many times a social message will send every month. 

Social Profiles in ReQueue

Once you have set up your Message Sending Limits, it is time to set up the frequency of scheduling for each of your Social Profiles.

1. Preset Scheduling Options - Let CoSchedule do all the work and choose one of our preset scheduling frequencies to help automatically schedule your messages.

2. Turn on Total Customization - Click the Customize Checkbox to turn on the ability to customize a number of times that each Social Profile schedules a message.

3. Toggle Social Profiles On/Off - Toggle the scheduling for each Social Profile On/Off. Turning a Social Profile Off cause ReQueue to schedule zero messages for that Social Profile.

4. Per Day Scheduling Limits - Choose a number of messages you would like to send to each Social Profile per day or click Customize daily sending limits to choose how many messages go out for that social profile every day.

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How ReQueue Fills in Scheduling Gaps

ReQueue fills in the gaps of your daily schedule the same way our Best Time intelligence schedules your messages. It takes into account your entire social schedule, uses Best Time scheduling intelligence to promote your messages at the most optimal times and intelligently finds the gaps in your schedule so you don’t have to.

If you have manually scheduled messages on the calendar outside of ReQueue, ReQueue will automatically take those messages into consideration and will schedule the remaining amount of messages for that Social Profile limit in your ReQueue Settings.

How do we find the gaps?

We take into consideration your social profile sending limits on your ReQueue settings page per profile along with the time blocks that you have selected to send ReQueue messages.

ReQueue will never send more messages than you have set in this section. This limit per profile also considers any messages you have already scheduled on the calendar manually.

Another limit ReQueue will consider is the message sending limits on your ReQueue settings page. We don’t ever want to spam your audience with the same message so we have 2 settings in this section. You can choose to have the same message send either once or twice per month.

Finally, we consider any limits you have set on your ReQueue groups within the specific group settings.

We will only send messages from a group within their start and end dates. You also have the ability to set group sending limits. You can let us know how many messages you would like us to send from a certain group per month. If no dates or limits are selected we will find the best gaps to send messages from your group.

ReQueue will only fill in available gaps on your calendar. If we have already filled in all of the gaps and you add a new message, new group or unpause a group we won’t rearrange any ReQueue messages we have already inserted into a gap on your calendar. You will see messages from these situations be added once new gaps appear in future days/weeks or if you adjust your ReQueue settings to allow for more gaps on your calendar. You will only see up to 2 weeks of ReQueued messages at any given time.

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