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Using Instagram With CoSchedule

CoSchedule now lets you schedule and publish to Instagram through our mobile app.

Note: Instagram publishing is available for all CoSchedule calendar plans.

How to Connect to Instagram

Scheduling social messages for Instagram is different than other social networks because Instagram does not offer third-party publishing through their API. To begin, go to Settings > Social Profiles page and click Connect a Social Profile then choose Instagram. Make sure you are logged into your Instagram profile first before trying to connect.

A new window will open asking for permission to have CoSchedule access Instagram. To grant permission for CoSchedule to access Instagram, click Authorize.

You have now added your Instagram account to CoSchedule. The next step will be to download the CoSchedule Mobile Application from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Have multiple Instagram accounts? To attach multiple Instagram accounts to CoSchedule, you will have to log into your second account at Instagram.com, then go through the above connection steps again.

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Downloading and Setting up the CoSchedule Mobile Application 

Once you have finished adding your Instagram account to CoSchedule, a prompt will open to show you how to download and install the CoSchedule mobile application. In this window, download the application by going to the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, Texting the application to your number, or sending the application to you through email. Once you have chosen an option click Continue.

Once you have downloaded the mobile app to your phone, log in using your CoSchedule account information. 


When you have logged into CoSchedule's mobile app, your CoSchedule calendar will sync with your mobile app and ask you to allow push notifications. Click Allow Push Notifications.

Push Notifications allow CoSchedule to send you notifications to your phone, so you know when to push your Instagram images to your Instagram account. You are now free to schedule your Instagram messages through CoSchedule!

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