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How To: Use Zapier to Create Recurring Content in CoSchedule

CoSchedule currently does not support recurring tasks (or content/messages/events for that matter), but you can Create A Task Template to make that process quicker. You can easily create recurring content with our Zapier integration.


To start creating recurring content inside of CoSchedule, create a new Zap. For the trigger, scroll down to Zapier's Built-in Apps and select Schedule. Click Continue.


Then choose the frequency that you want to schedule recurring content. When you are finished, click Continue.


Now you will choose what day and time you want to schedule the recurring content. When you're finished, click Continue and test the Zap.

Note: Zapier will refresh your Zaps every 15 minutes, so the Time of Day will not be exact.


Next, connect your Trigger to CoSchedule. For your Action app, search CoSchedule and click Continue.


Choose what you would like to recur on the calendar. We recommend creating Content. When finished, click Continue.


When choosing the Title of your Content, we recommend putting in a custom title and not using any of Zapier's fields. Make sure to keep the Schedule time empty. This will be controlled the Trigger date and time selected earlier. When finished, click Continue


Test the Zap, then turn the Zap on. Zapier will then refresh your Zaps every 15 minutes, so the Time of Day will not be exact, but you will see it on the calendar near your scheduled time.


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