MailChimp With CoSchedule

Connect your MailChimp account with CoSchedule to make real-time changes to your email campaigns (without jumping from screen to screen)!

Note: MailChimp is available for Growth, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

Connecting MailChimp to CoSchedule

1. Go to Settings > Integrations and click Add Integrations.


2. Locate and click MailChimp. Then click Enable. Follow the steps to connect MailChimp to CoSchedule. Once connected, click Sync and CoSchedule will sync all email campaigns in your MailChimp account to your calendar.

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Add Email Campaigns to Your Calendar

As soon as you connect your MailChimp account to CoSchedule, the Email Marketing content type will be added to your calendar. To create a new Email Campaign, click the + icon on the date you would like the campaign to start and select Email Marketing


Enter a title and click Create. When the content window opens, open the email section and select MailChimp to create a new campaign inside of MailChimp. 


When the Email campaign is created, your content will sync with your email campaign inside of MailChimp.

  • Content TitleTitle of the email campaign in MailChimp.
  • Scheduled Date: Scheduled time for the email campaign in MailChimp.
  • Subject Line: Subject inside of the email campaign in MailChimp.
Note: The Email Campaign will need to be scheduled first inside of MailChimp before you can change the schedule status inside of CoSchedule.


Note: Maximize your email open rate with the Email Subject Line Tester.

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Delete Email Campaigns from Your Calendar

To delete an email campaign from your calendar, go to the bottom of your email campaign and click Screen_Shot_2018-03-15_at_12.04.46_PM.png.


When you delete an email campaign in CoSchedule the campaigns will become unscheduled in MailChimp. If you delete an email campaign in MailChimp and they will be deleted in CoSchedule.

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Working With Draft Emails

Your calendar will also sync all of the MailChimp email campaigns in the draft state. If they are scheduled, they will be located in the calendar view. 

To access all of your unscheduled email campaigns, go to the MailChimp Unscheduled Drafts


If you do not see an email campaign at first, filter by account or search for the email campaign title. Click Sync Now to add any recently created email campaigns that you are unable to locate.Screen_Shot_2018-03-15_at_2.16.34_PM.png

To schedule an email campaign draft, drag and drop the email campaign to your calendar or click Screen_Shot_2018-03-15_at_1.54.24_PM.png to open the email campaign inside of MailChimp to manually schedule.

When an email campaign is moved from the Unscheduled Draft Bin to the calendar, it will be converted to content.

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