Manage Your Account

Manage Invoices, Billing, And Payments

Manage all billing information in the Calendar Settings > Billing area. Only Owners or Managers of the calendar or organization are able to see billing information.

Note: Only Owners and Managers can manage billing information. 

Change Billing Details

To update your credit card information, click Change Payment Details. Need to add custom notes or information to your invoices? (Great for adding addresses or VAT.) Add it to the Custom Text field. Any note that you add will be added to all invoices.


You can also enable automatic invoices to be emailed to you by toggling Receive automatic invoices or add more Billing Contacts by clicking Add Billing Contact.

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View Payment History

Go to your Billing > Invoices page. Click View next to the billing period, and you will have the option of emailing another copy to the email address on file (make sure to check your spam folder!)


Example Invoice:


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Manage Subscription

If you would like to change your subscription, you can see the other options we have available by going to the calendar's Settings > Billing > Manage Subscription page.  Select the plan you would like to subscribe to and follow the prompts. 


If the Billing > Manage Subscription looks like the image below, click Edit Plan to change your plan.


To cancel your CoSchedule plan, click on Cancel Subscription

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