Getting Started

Quick Overview

Before we get started, welcome to CoSchedule! You are probably (hopefully!) here because you want to get you and/or your marketing team on the right track with the #1 marketing calendar. Well, before we can get into scheduling our first project or campaign, lets first take a look at a few of our key features so that you can get more familiar with your new calendar. 


Some of the key areas we'll discuss in the upcoming sections:

1. Dashboard: The command center of your calendar. Track all of the activity in your calendar in one easy-to-read area. Never miss a new notification, comment, or task that happens on your calendar(s). Not hitting deadlines is a thing of the past.



2. Calendar: Where all the planning happens. Create content to manage your projects and converse with your team. Social campaigns to build out weeks of promotion. 



3. Content: Build, plan, and execute all of your projects in CoSchedule. Keep conversations in the same place where you build your content to make sure you are never scrambling between all of your communication apps. Even stay consistent and save time with our task system and templates.



4. Social Campaign: Create a standalone social campaign or add a social campaign to any content. Now your promotion can live in the same place as your planning so that your whole team is on the same wavelength. 



5. Analytics: What is promotion without being able to measure your efforts? Prove the ROI of your promotion with our vast analytics inside of CoSchedule. Know what is working and what's not working at all times.



Move onto our next sections to learn all about CoSchedule!

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