Organizing Your Projects

House All Your Ideas In The Workboard

Working on a new calendar, you can start to feel that "working with a blank canvas" feeling. You can work in CoSchedule's Workboard to quickly start pre-planning projects that you can add to your calendar in the future.

Create Ideas in the Workboard

You can create unscheduled drafts of new project ideas right inside the Workboard by selecting the workboard_plus.png  in the Workboard. You will be able to create any of your typical projects, social campaigns, or standalone social messages this way.


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Managing Ideas In the Workboard

The Workboard allows you to search and filter your ideas several ways. The search bar in the Workboard allows you to search your unscheduled drafts by title, description, or message text (message text is for standalone messages only).


In addition to the search options inside the Workboard, you can also use saved calendar views to filter the Workboard. When you apply either a calendar filter or saved calendar view, this will also filter the Workboard in the same manner.

Schedule Your Drafts

To schedule your pre-planned, draft projects you can drag-and-drop them from the Workboard to a specific date on the calendar or click into a draft and select a scheduled date.


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