Organizing Your Projects

Be More Successful by Organizing Your Calendar

Organizing your marketing calendar will help you and your team be more successful and help remove any stress when you start to add projects to your calendar.

Inside each calendar, there are 4 layers of organization (From top-to-bottom):

  1. Color Labels
  2. Project Types
  3. Tags
  4. Saved Calendar Views


Color Labels

Categorize, prioritize and emphasize the projects you (and your team) care about with custom color labels.

Questions to consider before creating color labels:

  • Are there sub-groups within your team?
  • Do you want to restrict access to certain types of groups or team members?
  • Do some people work on similar projects?
  • Is there a color scheme I prefer?
  • Do I have multiple audiences I am trying to connect with?

How Real Companies Get Organized With Color Labels

Here are some examples how customers that use CoSchedule for their to everyday marketing color code their calendar.





Before Color Labels:


After Color Labels:


Note: Learn more about how to create color labels.

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Project Types

Customize your projects to reflect what you and your team care about (no more generic, one size fits all stuff).

Questions before choosing your new project types:

  • What types of projects do we use/create the most?
  • Does every project need its own project type?

How Other Companies Get Organized With project types

Manage every marketing project your SaaS company works on. Blog posts, Social campaigns, podcasts, the list goes on.



Note: Learn more about managing project types.

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Easily customize the entire organization of your calendar. Quickly categorize your projects by adding a tag (or multiple) to group similar projects together.


Questions to ask before creating tags:

  • What consistent project types do you and your team work on?
  • What kinds of projects do you want to easily find at a later date?
  • Is there a certain type of project you reference a lot?

How Other Companies Get Organized With Tags





Note: Learn more about managing your calendar's tags.

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Saved Calendar Views

Eliminate the hassle of scouring your calendar and save time by applying filters so you can quickly focus on what you want to see.


Questions to ask before creating saved calendar views:

  • Is there a specific label, project type, or tag that you want to quickly access?
  • Are there things on your calendar that you would rather *not* see?
  • Do you want to create views so each member of your team can access their specific project quickly?

How Other Companies Get Organized Saved Calendar Views





Note: Learn more about creating specialized calendar views.

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