Introducing CoSchedule

Get Your Team Excited (And Using) CoSchedule

So you have set up your calendar and invited some of your teammates. What's next? Now it is time to dig even deeper into your CoSchedule calendar with even MORE teammates. To get you started, we have a few tips to help you out.

  1. Make It Official
  2. Know Your Why For CoSchedule
  3. Demo CoSchedule's Key features

Tip #1: Make It Official

Getting your team into a new tool can be difficult, but if you help get them started and show them the benefits of what it can bring to your team, you should be able to get a head start on the process.

Next item on the list, introduce CoSchedule to your team.

  • Schedule a time to get your team together and talk about CoSchedule.
  • Share how you plan to use CoSchedule.
  • Use this team onboarding template to help explain what CoSchedule is and why it will be so helpful.
  • Watch one of our demos together.
  • Build your first project or social campaign together.

Tip #2: Know your WHY for CoSchedule

As the power user (and CoSchedule champion) it’s your job to sell CoSchedule to your team. You're gonna need some great talking points before reaching out to your team. Here's a few to get you started.

 With CoSchedule you can:

The key here is to focus on your team’s current problems AND position CoSchedule as the solution.

Possible “Problem” Scenarios Your Kickass Reply ;)
"I don’t want to have to learn something new." With CoSchedule (even after the learning curve) you’ll start saving yourself nearly 20 hrs a week. Say goodbye to tedious, mind-numbing email threads and disconnected workflows! With CoSchedule’s integrated platform you can focus on getting all your projects done while publishing top-notch content (and looking awesome to the boss)...not figuring out what the heck you’re working on!
"It looks too complicated or technical."

Let’s schedule 15 minutes together and walk-through how our team can leverage CoSchedule...I promise you, this platform is simple and intuitive.

"My work doesn’t map well to tasks." CoSchedule isn’t only about task workflows. It’s about proactively planning a roadmap for your success. Even if tasks aren’t your thing...projects and deadlines are! With CoSchedule you can plan out days, weeks, even months worth of projects in one place (giving you a clear purpose and direction for your work).
❗️Tip: Need some more help convincing? Send your team How We Can Save 20 Hours a Week.

Tip #3: Demo CoSchedule’s Key Features

You NEED to teach your team! Get your team together and show them your favorite features.

Here are a few of CoSchedule’s key features.

Tutorials mean so much more when they come packaged in a customized way. As you demo the calendar, work through one of your current projects to get your team on board and excited; the faster you draw connections to their problems...the sooner CoSchedule will click for them.  

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