The Basics

Create A Social Message

There are two kinds of social messages that can be created with CoSchedule using the social message post creation box:

Create a Solo Social Messages

Working with standalone social messages are similar to those that are associated with blog posts. Because these messages are not associated with a blog post, each standalone social message has the option for draft and review status.

1. Click "+" on the day you want to schedule your social messages. Select "Social Message" or a Project Type to create a social campaign.

2. Select the social profile(s) and create your message.

Select one or more social networks from the drop-down menu. The networks you select will show in the box. You can remove a profile by clicking on the thumbnail picture.


Choose the type of social message you would like to create>

Then compose your message and upload the image(s) or video files or add the link, if you've chosen those types.

Note: If you choose an Image Post, clicking on the image in the published message will enlarge the image. If you choose a Link Post, clicking on the image in the published message will open the linked web page.

3. Schedule your message.

You can select which date and time you would like your message to publish. We recommend scheduling with Best Time Scheduling. Add color labels and save the message by clicking Add Message.


Note: Posting to Instagram through CoSchedule is a little different. Learn more about posting to Instagram.

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Edit Social Message

To edit any scheduled social message, click the message. When finished editing, click Save.


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