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Calendar Settings

You can control the settings for each calendar that is connected to CoSchedule. Each Calendar's Settings are handled separately.

Accessing Calendar Settings

Inside the CoSchedule App

To access Calendar Settings, click Screen_Shot_2017-05-25_at_3_06_05_PM.jpg. Then click Calendar.


Inside WordPress

If you have a WordPress blog connected to your calendar, you can access the settings for your calendar on that blog's WordPress dashboard. Click on Calendar in the left menu. You will see the Settings option in the list that appears.

Click on Settings to gain access to the various settings areas. 


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Manage Calendar Settings

In Calendar Settings:

  • Create/edit your calendar name.
  • Change the calendar's time zone.
  • Select your date format. (MM/DD/YY or DD/MM/YY.)
  • Select a color for your blog. This is handy for the dashboard tasks and notifications.
  • Choose how you want your calendar to appear.
  • Toggle on/off Tasks and Discussions in Content.
  • Set your calendar to show or not show social messages. (You can always turn them on with filters.)
  • Add/Remove/Reorder what content types show up on the calendar.
  • Create and Manage color labels for your calendar.
  • Edit and Delete tags that have been added to the calendar's content.
  • The owner of the calendar can permanently delete the calendar.


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