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Mention Other Social Profiles Using CoSchedule's Social Tagging

Mention other Twitter profiles, Instagram profiles, and Facebook pages in CoSchedule! When you enter an "@" and the user's Social Profile username, CoSchedule will open a search for the username in the selected social network. 

Mentions in posts sent to more than one social network will only publish as a hyperlinked mention to the selected social network. In the other social networks, the social profile name will be converted to plain text as the Facebook Page or the Twitter @mention username.

To mention a social profile, create a social message. After you've chosen your social profiles, start to write your message. To add a social tag, type "@" then search for the Facebook Page, Instagram, or Twitter username you'd like to mention.

Once you've selected the social profile, the profile will turn blue inside of the social message preview.

Click Add Message and you've now successfully scheduled your first social message with social tagging!

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